You foolish Galatians. 

Paul is clearly frustrated with these people who had accepted the message of salvation by grace through faith and who were now living according to the law. He writes, “Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?” 

In Paul’s day, the churches in Galatia were being influenced by Jewish Christians who believed the Gentile Christians needed to adopt Jewish law. Paul refutes this notion by explaining that Christ had redeemed them from the law, for no one can be justified through the law. 

In our modern churches (at least in my church), it is understood that Christians do not need to live according to Jewish law in order to be saved. That being said, several believers place upon themselves other laws or works which tend to limit their freedom in Christ.  

It is difficult for people to believe that they do not need to earn salvation. You do not need to read your Bible daily in order to be saved. You do not need to attend a church service weekly in order to be saved. You do not need to attend youth group, volunteer in a church program, attend a certain denomination, worship with a certain style, have communion, or anything else you think you need to do. You simply need to believe in the message of grace through faith. 

That’s it. It’s a simple message. Everything else just helps us grow in our relationship with Christ, but it is not necessary for salvation. Some of these things may even hinder our walk with the Lord if we allow them to consume us. Spend some time thinking about all you do and ask yourself, is this helping me grow closer to Christ or do I believe I need to do this to be a ‘good Christian’?  You may be surprised at your answer. 


Copyright 2017


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